The Ancient Silk Route

From a mélange of trades, an array of ideas, philosophies, and cultures, to The Black Plague; the ancient Silk route has been traversed by all. at some point of the 2nd century BC, the Silk Roads have been the most popular and excessively traveled method for exchange, (predominantly silk), transportation, and enterprise in general.

but, with the end of the 14th century the sun set on the industrious paths of the silk roads. The interconnected nations closed their gates to everythingwhether tangible or intangible, finding its manner in from the Silk Routes, therefore silencing the clamor within the exchange paths of Asia and Europe.

Revival of the Silk Route

Pakistan’s purchase of Gwadar from the Sultanate of Oman piqued Chinese interest and in 1959 construction of the Karakorum highway began in an attempt to revive the ancient Silk route.

Of late the Chinese President, Xi Jingping expressed serious interest in the complete restoration of the silk route. In 2014, while introducing the one belt one road initiative, the Chinese president voiced his plans for the new Silk street connecting Kashgar to Baluchistan in general and Gwadar in specific.


Spirit Of ‘OBOR’: The Silk Route

The ‘One Belt One road’ initiative by President Xi Jingping is coined as one of the most ambitious plans to have ever been introduced in the world. The belt in this acronym denotes the Silk road economic belt and the street is really the maritime Silk road.

inside the One Belt One road forum held in 2014, President Jinping voicing his eagerness and highlighting the importance of his enterprise said,

“The Silk Road spirit, embodies the spirit of peace and cooperation, openness and inclusiveness, mutual learning and mutual benefit.”

The Tale Of Silk Route: As Told By China

The Chinese vision behind the revival of the ancient Silk path revolves around the idea of globalization. but, the Chinese take upon the matter indicates toward a more inclusive form of globalization in order to help countries to partake inside the global economy and facilitate it to the best of their abilities.

The plan is to restructure the ancient Silk road in to a modern-day trade system aided by bridges, railroads, highways, and naval routes extends throughout nations.

in addition, the Karakorum highway linking the Gwadar port to the town of Kashgar in China, holds the capability to open massive supply and consumer markets. this can serve in the direction of the development of both Baluchistan as well the province of Xinjiang in China.

Benefits Accrued By Pakistan

  • Economic Gains and Employment Opportunities: Naturally, Pakistan is one of the beneficiary countries in the central Asia-China-Pakistan trade direction. Being at the receiving end of the direct foreign investment by China, and through revenuesgenerated by transits leading to substantial economic and infrastructural development Pakistan is set to become the regional trade hub and energy transit corridor while also creating thousands of employment possibilities for local population.
  • Restoration Of Pakistan’s Global Image: In order to facilitate bilateral trade opportunities, a railway link among Gwadar and Kashgar is also proposed by means of both countries. In light of this connectivity, Pakistan will also turn out to be a medium for regional integration among South Asia and central Asia.

Furthermore, Gwadar’s ideal location serves to be a manner out for landlocked central Asian countries, like Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan through Afghanistan; for this reason, refining Pakistan’s international position.


The Sceptics’ Soliloquy

  • The Hegemony Masquerade:  Critics around the globe have brought forward downsides to the Sino-Pak attempt of revival of the Silk routesome claim that it is nothing greater than Chinese hegemony and Pakistan’s silent acquiescence in hidewhile some even aver that infrastructural development and commercialization actually come second to china’s political agenda of dominance.
  • Revival Of Neo-Colonialism In Lieu Of The Silk Road: China was also accused of bringing back neo-colonialism in the cover of Silk routehoweverthrough their “invest not invade” mindset china has been successful in proving its critics wrong.


both Pakistan and china have taken lots upon their shoulders in order to practically take place the vision of the new Silk road.


President Xi once claimed that,

“Globalization is a big ocean that you cannot escape from”

Hence, with the remarkable efforts of both governments, it's far secure to trust that Silk route will be a life jacket for both China and Pakistan inside the ocean of globalization.

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